Sunday, January 11, 2009

Financial Life

Here is a start. Sometimes a couple of extra bucks a month is all you need to really make things easier.

Everyone also has an opinion, what is the saying, opinioins are like as***les, everyone has got one. So maybe it is tome you get paid for sharing them. This will NOT get you rich, but it will allow for some freedom to enjoy life a little more. Check out these sites, that allow you to take surveys, for free, and get compensated for your opinion.

American Consumer Opinion
Mindfield Surveys
Inbox Dollars
ECN Research
Rewards Gateway
The Net Panel
Survey For Profit

Can It Be Easier

I think it can. I imagine that if poeple only had the right tools, that many aspects of theif life could be easier.

Their home life.
Their gaming life.
Their work life.
Their financial life.
Their love life.

So look for more posts on how to use tools that are available, to make things, just a little easier.